UAV Services

UAV Services

What is the BRAMOR UAV?

The BRAMOR UAV gEO is an unmanned drone specialised for the creation of cartographic datasets with different sensors (visible light, IR spectra and hyperspectral) that can be used in Geographic Information Systems of any kind. The BRAMOR gEO flight path precision and software capabilities are extremely high and 1 centimetre level ground sampling distance (GSD) is achievable with the system.

The BRAMOR is state-of-the-art and features a 25 mega pixel CMOS imager, has a flight distance of up to 100km and can accurately cover an area of 5km2. It has a normal flight altitude of between 100m-400m, however it has been successfully flown to 4150m.

Typical operation will see two flight operators quickly setup and launch the BRAMOR. Pre-programmed flight data will guide the UAV through a series of GPS ‘waypoints’ to ensure the required data is captured.

UAV Services

How can Aerial Surveying benefit you?

Due to the cutting edge nature of the technology we are still discovering the applications of Aerial Surveying, however typical applications can include:

- Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
- Volume calculations
- Infrastructure control
- Ecological monitoring
- Hyperspectral imaging
- Damage Assessment
- Crop monitoring and classification
- Crime scene situational imaging
- Detection of illegal crops
- 3D terrain mapping
- Night and day surveillance
- Natural disaster damage assessment and mitigation
- Change detection

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