Our Company in conjunction with several of our larger clients have recently submitted to Waipa DC on its upcoming review of the Development Contribution policy which is levied on additional Lots created by subdivision or additional household units (dwellings). These fees are levied to help Council fund future infrastructure upgrades and is broken down into various components, namely Roading & Transport, Water Supply, Wastewater, Stormwater, and Community Infrastructure & Parks & Reserves.

The recent press release from Waipa DC signalled significant decreases for existing urban and rural areas, however proposes a significant increase in contributions to be levied in the Cambridge North catchment. The main thrust of our submission is to see a reduction in the Cambridge North levy as this is where the main growth will occur in Cambridge in the near future and the scale of the increase is quite likely to inhibit this growth.

Once the submissions have been collated and hearings held the decisions will be released and the new contributions will come into force from 01 July 2015.

A summary of the proposed charges in relation to current charges is shown in the table below.

If you have any questions in relation to development contributions feel free to contact Pete or Phil on 07 827 5071

Date Added: Thursday, 12th February 2015
Link: Property Council News
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